Dunstan's Leather


(Revolvers & Bullets for display only)

Twin Tooled Holster
Twin Tooled Holsters with Belt (20 Shell Loops) $230
4 Holsters
Holsters (left to right)PlainTooled
Jack’s Holster. This is my own style.$70 (Shown)$90
Twin Loop.$65$90 (Shown)
Single Loop with Buckle.$60$80 (Shown)
Cap & Ball. For the 1858-1860 Army Colt
or comparable models.
(I do make a holster for the Walker Colt.)
$50$85 (Shown)
Shell Belt with 12 Shell Loops
Shell Belt with 12 Shell Loops $60

Any of the above items can be requested plain, tooled or changed to your own desire. If you have a design of your own, send it to me and I will get back to you. Note: Belt size over 45” add $25.


If you have a specialty item you want made, contact us by email or phone us at 207-555-5555.

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