Dunstan's Leather


Medicine Bag and Neck Bag
Medicine Bag $45

Approximately 9” x 9”

Decorated with bone and authentic Indian symbols.

Neck Bag $31

Approximately 4” x 6”

Decorated with symbols of your choice. Used to carry small valuables.

Dream Catchers
Dream Catcher

Two sizes:

5”-ring $25. (right)

3”-ring $12. (left)

Hang them in your bedroom window. The weaving sifts out the bad dreams; the hole in the middle allows the good dreams through. Request your favorite color; we have many colors to choose from.

Wrist Band and Pocket Knife Case
Wrist Band $22

1¼” wide.

Symbols shown top to bottom:

Hogan (permanent home), Bird (carefree, lighthearted), Sun (happiness), Horse (journey), Crossed Arrows (friendship), 4 Ages (infancy, youth, middle & old age), Butterfly (everlasting life).

Tooled with authentic Indian symbols. Measure around your wrist for sizing. We have 43 different symbols available. Email us for list.

Pocket Folding Knife Case

Plain $12. (Shown)

Tooled $15.

Teepee and Canoe
Teepee $18

Stands approximately 5” tall.

A replica of Native American home. It is decorated with authentic Indian symbols.

Canoe $4

Approximately 4” long.

A small leather canoe to go with the teepee.

If you have a specialty item you want made, contact us by email or phone us at 207-555-5555.

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