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How to Use a KeyController
Cartoon of open blue KeyController with tagged key inside

Place key inside.

Cartoon of blue KeyController snapped shut

Snap it shut.

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Break to open.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is key control?

A: Conceptually, it's about keeping track of keys in order to maintain internal security—the essential part of physical security. To most people, the term key control is a vague concept. Property managers, security directors, institutional locksmiths and facility managers are the individuals that oversee the keys and the security of their domain.

Q: We don't use keys at our business. Why do we need key control?

A: Every access control technique, whether it uses access cards, pin numbers or biometrics, has a key override in the event those systems fail.

Q: What does one use for key control?

A: Historically, key control has always been a box on a wall—a key cabinet. Not much has changed other than the application of technology to the key cabinet. Some are now electronic and some are mechanical. All of these techniques are for quantities of keys. If you have one or two important keys, you do not need a key cabinet.

Q: Why use KeyController?

A: Designed specifically for individual keys requiring accountability, and preventing them from being used surreptitiously, it can also be used for access control cards, alarm codes, safe combinations and computer passwords.

Q: What are the benefits of using KeyController?

A: Unlike any other form of key control, it's simple, available to anyone, non-electronic, not a wall cabinet, lightweight, portable, inexpensive, foolproof and designed to hold a single key. Once closed, it MUST BE BROKEN in order to access its contents.

Q: How can I leave a key with someone and have accountability for that key?

A: The only physical security product to accomplish this is the KeySure KeyController.

Q: How can KeyController apply to gun control?

A: It is an ideal solution for securing keys to gun locks and gun cabinets kept at home, keeping them safe and away from children.

Q: Who are some of KeySure's user groups?

A: Our customers include federal, state and local government agencies, real estate management companies, corporate security, industrial security, hospitals, hotels, universities, prisons, guard companies, utility companies, museums, etc.

Q: Who can use this product?

A: KeyController can be used by high security professionals and by the average person. It's a great way to leave a key with a neighbor and a good way to organize important keys. As a management tool, it replaces that drawer full of keys that everyone has.

Q: What if my landlord and/or management company asks for a key to my apartment?

A: In this case, one never knows how or where the key is stored and who has access to it. This becomes an internal security issue that is prone to abuse. Landlords and management companies should have written security policies and a foolproof way to store and manage tenants' keys.

Q: How do I give a secured key to a landlord or management company?

A: KeyController is an economical solution to this problem. It benefits both the landlord and the management company and prevents false accusations. It's a “win-win” solution.

Q: What is the KeySure System?

A: It's a simple accountability system that incorporates the KeyController and designed for keys not accessed on a regular basis—ideal for residential buildings. Its most unique feature is that it also involves the tenant.

Q: How does the Key Control System pay for itself?

A: Because the KeyController boxes are a consumable part of the KeySure System, they have to be reordered. We recommend that a token user fee be imposed if the tenant gets locked out and needs their key. The fee covers the replacement cost and discourages tenants from asking for their keys.

Q: How can KeyController apply to information technology?

A: Increasingly, IT and physical security are merging. The problem is that one seems intangible while the other is very down to earth. We consider Key Controller to be the “bridge” that connects them. Software, passwords and encryption keys account for most IT security, but their proper storage poses a real physical challenge. KeyController is a device that can be used to safely store these items either physically (i.e., on paper) or electronically on a storage device (i.e., flash drive). It can act as a physical management tool for IT professionals.

Q: How can KeyController apply to crisis situations?

A: We've seen too many instances of these kinds of situations on the evening news. Example: A forest fire/flood/tornado/hurricane/toxic spill is threatening your home and you are ordered to evacuate, and there is every possibility that everything you own could be destroyed. Be prepared! We suggest that you record all your important information—address book, bank information, credit card info and photos of family members—on to a flash drive, keeping it available in the event of an emergency. Having all this information safely secured along with some cash/credit card in one or more Key Controllers will help you reconstruct your life should you be unable to return home.

Q: Why doesn't my local locksmith carry this product?

A: Some do! You would think they all would because there isn't anything else they can offer you that will perform like KeyController. See our Contact Us page for a list of distributors.