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The KeySure KeyController

Improve the Way You Control Keys!

Using the KeySure KeyController is an excellent way to keep track of keys and other items not regularly accessed or being held for emergencies. Our patented device is a simply operated, non-electronic, water resistant, keyless lockbox. Once snapped shut, the box MUST BE PHYSICALLY BROKEN in order to get to the contents. Each box has large labels for signatures and other identifying information. It's the only confidential, keyless lockbox that forms a security seal.

What can you put in a KeyController?

Keys • Access Control Cards • Alarm Codes • Financial Passwords • IT Security Codes & Passwords • PIN Numbers • Memory Cards • Flash Drives • Credit Cards • Cash • Important Contact Information

How the KeySure KeyController works for you:

The KeySure Systems

Need to protect one key or hundreds?
We do both!

KeySure Key Control Systems provide flexible means of organizing loose keys and written codes. By offering a choice of wall cabinets and drawer storage components, along with color-coding as an added feature, they are ideal for residential property management, corporate and IT security. Use them individually or as a system.